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Clean Car Collective employs Car Pro’s C Quartz UK 3.0 ceramic coating, a multi-layered, transparent, liquid Nano-ceramic coating. Once fully cured, this innovative technology chemically transforms, forming a long-lasting, robust, yet flexible shield on the surface of your vehicle. This ceramic coating can be likened to an extra layer of clear coat, boasting greater protection, hardness, and self-cleaning capabilities.

Most Popular

Silver Package

✔ 2+ years protection

✔ 1-day turnaround

✔ Trim coating included

✔ Add-ons available

Basic Ceramic

Bronze Package

✔ 12+ months protection

✔ Half-day turnaround

✔ Self-cleaning properties

✔ Enhances gloss 


Ultimate Ceramic

Gold Package

✔ 5+ years protection

✔ Multi-tech coating

✔ Wheel ceramic coating

✔ Warranty included

No-BS Guarantee

Top-tier service

  • Quality Guarantee – Each coating comes with a warranty for the designated period. If you ever need additional servicing, we will help, no questions asked.
  • Hydrophobic and self-cleaning – Water beads up, gliding off the surface of the paint, dragging dirt and contaminants with it.
  • Retained Gloss – Nanoparticles level the paint, filling in light defects. This gives your paint “permanent” gloss and clarity for the duration of the coating.
  • Surface protection – Protects your paint from dirt, tar, bugs, tree sap, and bird droppings.

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The Clean Car Collective (CCC) was proactive in communicating clearly beforehand about when their valet cleaner would be arriving. It was a miserable cold wet day, but he did an excellent job, both inside and out (the wheels were especially filthy). The car was spotless. He was pleasant, and proactive in explaining how long he would take. All in all, it was a really good customer experience. I would strongly recommend CCC to anyone wanting their car cleaned and valeted at home.
scott hamilton
scott hamilton
Max was excellent. Great communication and very easy to deal with. The car looked even better than expected and I couldn’t recommend highly enough.
Hilary Oliver
Hilary Oliver
I recently bought a used car that smelled strongly of wet dog. Harper of Clean Car Collective did a fantastic job of cleaning the interior and shampooing the upholstery. It's all clean and shiny, and smells great. 100% happy, thanks CCC, would recommend to anybody!
Ketan Chhibu
Ketan Chhibu
Got an interior clean, great service and very professional. Car looks excellent after the clean, got into all the little areas.
ben ross
ben ross
Unreal service from the team at Clean Car Collective 🫡 3 hours of hard work to get the dirty stinger looking brand spanking new 🔥 Will definitely be using them again and highly recommend others do for a low cost great quality detail🥹
Sarah Panton
Sarah Panton
We got our car externally/internally cleaned and the service was exceptional, they showed up 10min earlier and cleaned the car non stop for several hours. The end result was amazing, so clean and they managed to remove a bunch of scratches as well. Will gladly use their services again!
Patty B
Patty B
Great detailing done by the team! they arrived 5-10 mins early which is great and was very quick and efficient with their service. made it easy for me as I just left the staff to it ! thanks so much for the great experience and the well cleaned car
Jacob Chandler
Jacob Chandler
The team here did an awesome job on my car, great communication and were able to fit me in within the week. Will be using them again.
Alison Grant
Alison Grant
Was recommended Clean Car Collective by a friend and I'm glad I booked in to get my swift looking brand new for sale. Max is highly professional and well-priced. I will surely be paying it forward with the recommendations!

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No, Ceramic coatings won't crack, peel, fade, or yellow. Ceramic coatings chemically bond to the paint, and are not able to "lift" from the surface. Car Pro's Cquartz has undergone rigorous testing and real-world trials in some of the most challenging environments consistently outperforming expectations."

Yes, after applying ceramic coating, you'll never have to wax your vehicle again. Maintaining your vehicle's paint becomes as effortless as caring for your windshield or glass. No more need for abrasive washes, or additional waxes and sealants.

For the most part, no. Ceramic coatings will not resist heavy scratching and rock chips. A coating will however prevent light scratches from etching into the clear coat, so it can help to prevent light swirls and scratches.


The ceramic coating process typically spans half a day to 2 days, contingent on factors like your paint's condition, vehicle size, and chosen packages. Here's an overview of the process:

  1. Vehicle Preparation: The first step involves thorough decontamination and preparation.
  2. Paint Correction: In the second step, any imperfections in the paint, such as swirls and scratches, are corrected according to the package you select.
  3. Surface Preparation: Once the vehicle is adequately prepped, a body shop-safe prep solvent is applied to prepare the clearcoat.
  4. Coating Application: At this point, the ceramic coating process commences. Ceramic is applied, leveled, and layered on each panel of the vehicle to achieve the selected package's specifications.

Absolutely! For best results, we recommend restoring the paint's look before applying a coating to enhance the paint's clarity and gloss. Despite this, a coating can be applied to swirled and scratched paint, and will even help to level (cover up) light defects. If you are unsure of what packages are best for your vehicle, we recommend having a chat with any of our detailing specialists.

Yes, our ceramic coating packages can generally be applied on-site at your premises. These may be weather-dependent, and if you have chosen a paint correction package, we may need to bring your vehicle to our shop.


No, ceramic coatings can't protect from water spots, but they will give you a grace period by preventing deposited minerals (water spots) from etching into your clear coat. This extends the lifespan of various materials such as metals, paints, gel coats, plastics, and vinyls. Being a silica-based or glass-like product, ceramic coatings offer considerable resistance to water spots, more so than clearcoats. Even though windshields, which are glass surfaces, can still acquire water spots, they are significantly less susceptible when coated with ceramic.

VINYL/WRAP: Ceramic coatings safeguard your vinyl wraps against spills, stains, oil, grime, and UV damage. The flexible nature of Ceramic Pro ensures it won’t crack or peel off the vinyl. It also provides a self-cleaning effect, making vinyl maintenance simpler and reducing the need for multiple cleaning products.

GLASS: Ceramic coatings can be applied to glass surfaces, creating an effective water-repellent layer.

CHROME: For chrome or polished finishes, ceramic coatings offer excellent protection against corrosion, oxidation, and discoloration.

PAINT/PPF: Applying ceramic coating is the most effective method to protect your vehicle’s paint, significantly reducing the risk of fading over time.

CARPET/FABRIC: Ceramic coatings can be applied to vehicle upholstery, rendering it resistant to stains and spills, thus preventing expensive damage to the interior.

TRIM: Ceramic coatings prevent trim from fading due to UV damage, and staining from the oils on your skin.


No. Ceramic coatings are a permanent replacement for wax.

The coating is designed to offer performance benefits throughout the stated duration, regardless of whether you maintain it or not. That being said, for maximum performance and to extend the product's life, we recommend at least one RESET service every 6 months. These are offered at a discount to our ceramic coating customers.

We require the car to be kept dry for a minimum of 1 hour after application, and 24 hours for best results. Please refrain from washing your car using harsh chemicals within the first 5 days after application, to allow the coating to fully cure.

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