Thorough Engine Bay Detailing Services In Wellington

Remove Years Of Built Up Grime To Return Your Engine Bay To Show Room Condition

Your Car Will Thank You For it

Whether you just purchased your vehicle, plan on selling it, or have decided to give it some well-needed TLC, your engine will be for the better after you book our services.
Our engine bay detail is perfect to remove years of built up grime or in prep for a car show or event.

The Clean car collective PROCESS

Inspect The Engine Bay

We want to make sure there are no issues we need to keep an eye on during the detail.

Cover Sensitive Areas

Depending on the car, this might be the battery, intake, Weak Terminal Connections. etc...

Spray and Agitate

This is when the heavy work is done, utilizing degreases, multiple brushes, cleaners, and cloths.

Dry And Remove Any Water

Now it’s time to dry the entire engine bay (including all the water in the tight areas).

Final Touch Up And Dress Plastic

Wrapping up the engine, we'll go over any parts that require extra attention and and a plastic and ruber dressing to rejuivinate the materials.

Please Note:

Our Engine Bay Detail Can Only Be Done In Conjunction With Our Premium Exterior Detail

Simple Pricing

General pricing is shown below.

The actual price is based

on the size, condition,

and type of engine bay.

Engine Bay Detail


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Please note that we do not have a waiting area at our drop off location. We can pick up and drop off your vehicle on request.

Engine Bay Detail faqs

HOW long does this service take?

Depending on the condition and size of the engine bay, the detail process takes between 30 minutes to an hour

Will you use water on my engine bay?

Yes, but we will not flood your engine bay with water. We’re careful to cover up any sensitive areas, and hold the water at a safe distance with low pressure. Our only focus is to rinse the dirt and cleaning product off.

There’s an oil leak/spill. Can you clean that up?

If your engine bay is severely covered in oil or grease, we will not be able to detail it. There is only so much we can clean as we are not able to get under or thoroughly into the engine bay where a lot of oil and grease collect.

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