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Comprehensive Interior & Exterior Car Detailing Service

Comprehensive Refresh

Deluxe Interior Detail

✔ All Interior Plastics Treated

✔ Fabric Vacuum + Blow Out

✔ Door Jam Detail

✔ Window Cleaning


Exterior Hand Wash

Deluxe Exterior Detail

✔ 2-Bucket + Foam Cannon Method

✔ Deep Wheel Clean

✔ 3-Months Paint & Tire Protection  

✔ Extensive Detail

Is The Deluxe Detail Package For You?

The Deluxe Detail is perfect for vehicles with no heavy staining/dirty fabrics, or contaminated paint work. This service renews most vehicles to a brand new finish, inside and out.

What's Included?


Interior plastic surfaces are detailed

and protected for 3-months


Fabric surfaces (seats, carpet,

floor mats) are vacuumed and blown



Door jam deep cleaning (with gloss



Streak free window cleaning

Leather cleaning and conditioning

Minor pet hair removal


Exterior pre-wash

Tire, wheel face, barrel and wells



Surface Foam Barrier

2-bucket hand wash 

Crevice detail

3-month CarPro sealant

3-month tire protectant

Need Something More?

For heavily used vehicles, or if you’re wishing for a “reset” button…

Deep Detailing Refresh

Premium Detail

✔ Complete Reset – Ideal For


✔ Starting at $455

✔ Mechanical paint


✔ Interior Fabric Extraction

Interior Only

Deluxe/Premium Interior Options

Exterior Renewal

Paint Enhancement

Unsure what to choose?

Arrange to bring your vehicle in for a free appraisal

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The Deluxe Detail is a thorough interior and exterior car detailing service. It covers a comprehensive detailing and protection of all interior plastic surfaces and crevices. The Deluxe Detail includes a vacuum and blow out of all the carpets, floor mats and seats. In this service, all windows and door jams are detailed with gloss enhancers.

The Deluxe Detail includes a Deluxe Exterior Detail, detailing all of your, paint, wheel faces, guards, wells and tires. Deluxe Detailing includes the safest hand washing methods, with a pre-wash, foam cannon bath, 2 bucket method and grit guard safety. The exterior then receives a swirl free hand dry, 3-months of paint protection and long lasting tire shine.

The Deluxe Detail is our comprehensive interior/exterior package designed to get daily drivers back to a new condition and feel. A typical car detail can cost anywhere from $150-$350 for a basic interior and exterior detail. The price range depends on the quality of the work, products and systems used, convenience and communication as well as the length of lasting protection. When choosing Clean Car Collective, you are choosing excellence.

How long a car detail takes depends on the service you select, and quality of the detailer. Our Deluxe Detail service covers a comprehensive interior and exterior detailing, and takes roughly 3-4 hours.

Getting your car detailed helps to maintain it's value, and increase it's sale price. From general detailing to paint protection and enhancement, caring for your vehicle over the long term is a smart decision, helping make the vehicle safer and more enjoyable to drive.

We pride ourselves in quality and customer experience. Our Deluxe Detail is the lowest priced package we offer, as it allows us to service and improve every area of your vehicle. That being said, we can customise any of our services to fit within your budget.

Our Wellington Central detailing studio doesn't have a waiting area, but we are based across the road from the highly accredited Prefab Cafe. Feel free to drop off your vehicle and grab a bite to eat while we work our magic.

Most of our services, including the Deluxe Detail, can be done within the comfort of your home. If you have nearby power and water access, we are happy to come to you.

How often you get your car detailed is totally up to you! Some people choose to bring their vehicles in every week/fortnight for a discounted service, whereas we see others once every six months. It depends on how much you value maintaining your vehicle, and how much you enjoy a freshly detailed car.

Why Choose Us?


We constantly strive to provide a fantastic car detailing experience for our customers that leaves you satisfied and your car gleaming. We back every car we detail with a money-back guarantee.

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The Clean Car Collective (CCC) was proactive in communicating clearly beforehand about when their valet cleaner would be arriving. It was a miserable cold wet day, but he did an excellent job, both inside and out (the wheels were especially filthy). The car was spotless. He was pleasant, and proactive in explaining how long he would take. All in all, it was a really good customer experience. I would strongly recommend CCC to anyone wanting their car cleaned and valeted at home.
scott hamilton
scott hamilton
Max was excellent. Great communication and very easy to deal with. The car looked even better than expected and I couldn’t recommend highly enough.
Hilary Oliver
Hilary Oliver
I recently bought a used car that smelled strongly of wet dog. Harper of Clean Car Collective did a fantastic job of cleaning the interior and shampooing the upholstery. It's all clean and shiny, and smells great. 100% happy, thanks CCC, would recommend to anybody!
Ketan Chhibu
Ketan Chhibu
Got an interior clean, great service and very professional. Car looks excellent after the clean, got into all the little areas.
ben ross
ben ross
Unreal service from the team at Clean Car Collective 🫡 3 hours of hard work to get the dirty stinger looking brand spanking new 🔥 Will definitely be using them again and highly recommend others do for a low cost great quality detail🥹
Sarah Panton
Sarah Panton
We got our car externally/internally cleaned and the service was exceptional, they showed up 10min earlier and cleaned the car non stop for several hours. The end result was amazing, so clean and they managed to remove a bunch of scratches as well. Will gladly use their services again!
Patty B
Patty B
Great detailing done by the team! they arrived 5-10 mins early which is great and was very quick and efficient with their service. made it easy for me as I just left the staff to it ! thanks so much for the great experience and the well cleaned car
Jacob Chandler
Jacob Chandler
The team here did an awesome job on my car, great communication and were able to fit me in within the week. Will be using them again.
Alison Grant
Alison Grant
Was recommended Clean Car Collective by a friend and I'm glad I booked in to get my swift looking brand new for sale. Max is highly professional and well-priced. I will surely be paying it forward with the recommendations!

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