Wellington Headlight Restoration

The Correct Methods To Provide Long Lasting Restoration To Your Headlights

Restore Not Replace - Headlight Restoration

1+ Hour

- Prep headlights
- Wet Sand
-Clear Coat Protection

Restore, Not replace - The premium headlight restoration system

Our headlight restoration system will reverse the effects of UV damage that causes yellowing and faded headlights. Through sanding, polishing and coating, we restore headlights with a 2+ year gaurentee. 

Let us restore your lights at a fraction of the cost to meet NZTA WOF standards

The Clean car collective PROCESS

Prep The Area

We cover all surrounding paintwork in preperation of sanding to eliminate overspray and damage

Wet Sand

We use various grit sandpaper to wet sand the headlights. This process removes years of oxidation, yellowing and UV damage


The lense receives a final polish to remove any light scratches


The headlights then receive multiple layers of clear coat and a ceramic sealent to lock in the restoration for a minimum of 2 years

Simple Pricing

General pricing is shown below.

The actual price is based

on the size, condition,

and type of vehicle.


Headlight repair

$90-140  For both front lights, depending on the vehicle

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