Deluxe Exterior Detail

The Correct Detailing Methods Your Car Deserves, At The Level Of Convenience You Deserve

Deluxe Exterior Detail

1 Hour +

- Touchless Prewash
- Tires, Wheel Barrels, Faces & Wells Detailed
- Full Body Hand Wash
- Exterior Crevice Detail
- Carpro Hyrdo2Lite Applied (1-3 month hydrophobic coating)
- Microfiber Towel Dry
- Tire Dressing

Simple Pricing

General pricing is shown below.

The actual price is based

on the size, condition,

and type of vehicle.



Sedan Or Mini SUV



Medium SUV  Or large sedan



Large SUV Or Ute


The Clean car collective PROCESS:

Deluxe Exterior Detail

How long does this service take?

It all comes down to the sizing and condition of the vehicle’s paint. Generally speaking, it takes around an hour

Does This Include A wax?

We are always using the highest quality products avaliable to us. Rather than a wax, we implement a spray coating that provides more benefits and protection than a standard wax. 

Do you require power and water?

Yes, to reduce costs we do require access to both a power and water source within about 50m of the vehicle.

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