Maintenance Car Detailing In Wellington

The Easiest Way To Stay On Top Of Things

Regular detailing services to save you time & money

We offer many of our services on a regular basis as we believe this is the easiest way for our customers to enjoy our results at a reduced price.

Rather than spending your money on multiple full-priced details throughout the year, you may prefer to join our maintenance detailing program. Why bother? Our maintenance packages are tailored to anyone living a busy life. If you value your time and money, our packages are for you. Paired with ceramic coating and interior protection, you can ensure your car never looks dirty again!

Choose how often you want your car detailed within 1-13 weeks of any service, and we will detail your vehicle at a discounted rate to provide ongoing, incredible results.

Simple Pricing

Select a recurring booking option that bests suits your needs when booking any of our services


50% discount on all services

Fort nightly

40% discount on all services


30% discount on all services

Every 8 weeks

15% discount on all services


Have more specific requirements? Changing schedules and needs? We can cater to whatever you require

What we offer

Any of our services can be combined to keep your car looking fresh on a visit by visit basis.

Just chat with our friendly employees to come up with a plan that best suits you.

Maintanince detail faqs

HOW long does this service take?

This will depend on what services you require and what service intervals you choose. Get in touch for an accurate answer based on your requirements.

Have more questions?

Get in touch or visit our FAQ page to find answers to all our most commonly asked questions.

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